Our Range

At Shiloh Plastics we have a large range of plastic packaging solutions. Our standard range stands at, all of which a over 280 different packaging options, all of which are listed within this website. This has been a great benefit to our customers, as it means they can save money on tooling. The cost has already been made.  Our standard range includes the following products:

Our History

It’s hard to imagine that we began business in 1996 without a range of our own. Our first customer only needed us to cut and fold the already formed plastic. In fact in the very beginning, we only had the machinery to do those two processes. However over more than 20 years of business, our range of standard sizes has continued to grow.

Slide In Card Blisters

The first products that we were producing were slide in card packs (hence, machinery that cut and folded). We found that there was a big demand with lots of Aussie fishermen designing their own lures and looking for packaging. So we ended up making our own range to suit. We have packs for the really tiny lures, right up to one that is 335mm long.


Our next step was to learn how to make clamshells.  Sounds simple, but in actual fact it was quite tricky to get the plastic to fold easily to make the clam. Achieving this goal allowed us to commence creating our now large range of clamshells. These too were mostly for lures in the beginning, but from there we designed other shapes and sizes for the fishing industry as the need arose. Of course then there were the fishing line packs, and tiny packs suitable for hooks, sinkers and swivels. Clamshells are great for hooks, as the sharp ends can’t pierce through them like they do through plastic bags.

Fishing Industry

So in our early days, packs for the fishing industry made up a large part of our business. However, this has greatly changed over the years, as has our range of products. Blister packs now come in a large range of sizes and dimensions to suit a wide variety of purposes. These are all listed listed within our website.

Plastic Cylinders

When an existing customer asked us if we could make cylinders, this became our next challenge. This was an entirely new venture, as these are only partly vacuum formed. Once we had learned this skill though, we were able to make boxes. These were designed in a wide range of styles, including our novelty boxes which are really quite special.

More Ranges

Today we sell products to a large range of industries as our packaging has a wide range of applications. Within this large range, we have identified some specific industries that have particular packaging needs, and therefore have dedicated a part of our website to these in our ‘Ranges’ section.  As well as the fishing industry, we have listed some recommended products for those in the golfing, baking, chocolate and wedding industries.

Talk to us Today

Even though we have a very large range of products, it is still possible that we may not have exactly the package that you are looking for.  Don’t forget that if you are unable to find something that suits your product, you can always have a chat with us as we are happy to discuss designing something custom for you.