Chocolate trays


Chocolate Trays

Specially designed chocolate trays are the perfect way to pack most chocolates.  For this reason we have designed a range of chocolate trays.

Plastic is Perfect for Chocolate

Let’s face it. Plastic is a great way to pack chocolate and our food grade product is just perfect. It is non-absorbent, unlike cardboard, and the clear plastic shows off you handiwork beautifully. It’s no wonder that chocolatiers love plastic for packaging. In fact chocolate is the reason that we started making plastic boxes and cylinders in the first place.

Lots of plain or fancy boxes as well.

Apart from these chocolate trays, lots of our products are suitable to pack chocolate in. For example, you could look at our lids and bases, or our novelty boxes for something a little different.

Our Standard Chocolate Range.

To start with though, check out our list of chocolate trays on this page.  These have been specially designed for chocolatiers. We have brown or gold trays, that come in sizes to fit 4, 12, and 24 average sized chocolates. Product codes are found below.

We also have clear plastic boxes made to fit the 4 cavity and 12 cavity chocolate trays, also listed below.

TR001240 x 160 x 20mmBrown24200
TR002240 x 84 x 20mmBrown12400
TR00382 x 83 x 20mmBrown4600
TR004240 x 160 x 20mmGold24200
TR005240 x 84 x 20mmGold12400
TR00682 x 83 x 20mmGold4600
LB8787254 Cavity Tray87mm x87mm x 25mm100
LB240823012 Cavity Tray240mm x 82mm x 30mm100
LB2401603024 Cavity Tray240mm x 160mm x 30mm100