Macaron trays for displaying your baked treats

People love macarons, and these macaron trays will hold them perfectly in place on the shelf.  There are three great sizes to choose from. 6, 12 or 24 macarons can be packed in our trays. Each cavity will hold a 45 millimeter macaron with a depty of 25 millimeters.

Put two trays together as a package

You can use our trays as a package by putting two together. Use tape to secure them together. You may then pack the enclosed macarons in an additional box or packet. The plastic trays will hold your macarons secure so that they are less likely to be damaged.

Our current macaron trays are listed below:

MACTR0016 cavity macaron tray
MACTR002GB612 cavity macaron tray
MACTR00324 cavity macaron tray