Packaging supplies


Stocking Packaging Supplies Came Naturally

In our business natural progression from our blister packs and boxes was to stock packaging supplies. Part of the reason was that we use them ourselves.  The other thing is that we are supplying businesses that are looking for them too.  Therefore our range of products that we offer has developed over the years.

Bubble Wrap

People often confuse our blister packs with bubble wrap.  It’s understandable I suppose.  Bubble wrap does look like lots of little blisters.  We use it ourselves, and so we thought it would be a good idea to stock it in case you need it too.

Pallet Wrap

As well as bubble wrap, we use pallet wrap to wrap all of our pallet freight.  So we have that in stock for you as well if you need it.

Other Useful Items

There are a couple other little things that could be of use below that just don’t fit into any of our other categories.  See them below:

Rapid Stapler

Rapid stapler

Strong, durable stapler suitable for stapling closed blister packs.

Spot Crimper

spot crimper

This crimper can be used to spot heat seal clamshell bister packs.

Hang Tabs

Hang tab

Adhesive tabs for attaching to fabricated boxes etc. so that they can be used as hang-sell packs.


Pallet wrap

Pallet Wrap 400m length x 500mm width.  25um thickness.

Clip Strips

Clip strip

Point of sale display for hanging product in retail shop aisles.