Clamshells make Golf Ball Packaging

Our golf ball packaging makes the perfect plastic packaging for golf balls. At Shiloh Plastics we have a range of three products that have been specially designed to hold golf balls. These are great because the clear packaging allows your product to be easily seen.

What is a Clamshell?

All three of these packs are clamshells. A clamshell is a plastic package with two parts joined together by a hinge.  That means that the product is completely surrounded by plastic.  Then for security, you can either staple or spot weld the pack closed.

Our golf ball packaging is designed with one side having spherical shapes that hold the golf balls in place.  Then the other side is flat, giving room for either a sticker or a card that is placed within the pack.

Great for Golf Balls with Logos

This golf ball packaging is particularly useful if the golf balls have been personalised with a logo. That is because once the golf balls are in place they won’t move around. It won’t matter how much you toss them around the golf balls will stay securely in place.  In fact, the logos will remain lined up exactly how you put them into the package so that they will always be well presented.

Three Sizes Available

At Shiloh Plastics we have three different sizes of golf ball packaging available. These packs will hold 3, 6 or 12 golf balls. You will find descriptions and product codes for all three packs in the tables below. Keep in mind that minimum order quantities do apply as stated in the table.  Samples are also available.  If you would like a sample, we will only charge you for the cost of getting it to you.

GB33 golf ball pack1,000
GB66 golf ball pack500
GB1212 golf ball pack250