blister packs

The term “Blister packs” describes a kind of specially designed plastic packaging, which is generally, though not always, used in a hang sell situation. Plastic is moulded into a cavity that holds a product. The plastic either encloses or is attached to a backing card. This kind of package is fantastic for the shopper, because they allow them to see exactly what they are purchasing. This means that they are also a great packaging solution for the seller as the package is less likely to be damaged by people trying to take a look at what’s inside. Clear plastic packaging showcases your product while helping protect from pilferage.

Large Standard Range of Blister Packs

At Shiloh Plastics we have a large range of standard sizes available that can be purchased in a minimum of 1,000 blisters or one carton, whichever is smaller.  Check out the links to our two styles of blister packs below to find sizes available.  Our complete product list can also be downloaded.  Contact us if you would like a copy of our price list.

Custom Made Blister Packs

We can also design a custom made pack for you if you can’t find something that suits your product perfectly.  However for all custom made products, tooling costs will apply.  See our article on custom made packaging or our FAQ page for more information.

Take a look at our two styles of Blister Packs below:



A clamshell blister pack

Clamshell blisters fold up like a clam to totally enclose the product.

Slide in card blister

A Slide In Card Blister

Slide in card blisters require a backing card to cover the back of the package.  The plastic blister has three sides folded to hold the backing card in place.