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Plastic Packaging Specialist
Clamshells by Australian manufacturer


SIC Blisters by Australian Manufacturer

Slide in Card

Boxes by Australian Manufacturer


Cylinders by Australian Manufacturer


Pillow Packs by Australian Manufacturer

Pillow Packs

Trays by Australian Manufacturer


Shiloh Plastics - Plastic Packaging Specialist

Vacuum forming

At Shiloh Plastics, the primary process that we are involved in is vacuum forming. While making plastic packaging is our main focus, this process can be used to produce things other than packaging.

Fabricating plastic packaging

Much of our plastic packaging range is produced by a process other than vacuum forming. Products fabricated include our large range of boxes, cylinders and pillow packs.



Wax and candle packaging

New Wax and Candle Range

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Bonbonnier Range

New Bonbonniere Range

Over the years, we have had quite a few friends and family members ask us for plastic boxes for their weddings. Bonbonnieres have come such a long way from......

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Cakeboard Project

Cake Boards

In recent times, with the popularity in tall cakes, our cylinders have become very popular as containers to display cakes. With this in mind we are designing.......

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Cookie Packaging

Cookie Packaging

Here is an idea for packaging cookies that we tried recently and thought we’d share with you.

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Choosing Your Packaging

Choosing your packaging might not always be as simple as it sounds.  That’s because lots of things need to be considered. Of course the size and shape of your product are the obvious things to look at. If your product …

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Holly Display Box

Large Holly Box

Everyone loves our novelty boxes. So we're happy to let you know that we've just added a new one to our range. This box is similar to our existing holly box. However it's much bigger. Also it's designed to stack. …
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