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Plastic Packaging Specialist
Clamshells by Australian manufacturer


SIC Blisters by Australian Manufacturer

Slide in Card

Boxes by Australian Manufacturer


Cylinders by Australian Manufacturer


Pillow Packs by Australian Manufacturer

Pillow Packs

Trays by Australian Manufacturer


Shiloh Plastics - Plastic Packaging Specialist


At Shiloh Plastics, a large range of plastic packaging options are manufactured, including blister packs, clamshells, boxes, cylinders, pillow packs and trays.

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If you can’t find something in our range that suits, ask us at Shiloh Plastics to give you a quote on the exact package you have in mind. Custom made vacuum formed and fabricated plastic packaging is our specialty.

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Yes, our packaging is actually manufactured in Australia by Shiloh Plastics. Our factory is located in Narangba, QLD and we are proud to say that we employ Australians.

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Vacuum forming

At Shiloh Plastics, the primary process that we are involved in is vacuum forming. While making plastic packaging is our main focus, this process can be used to produce things other than packaging.

Fabricating plastic packaging

Much of our plastic packaging range is produced by a process other than vacuum forming. Products fabricated include our large range of boxes, cylinders and pillow packs.



Bonbonniere Project

New Bonbonniere Range

Over the years, we have had quite a few friends and family members ask us for plastic boxes for their weddings. Bonbonnieres have come such a long way from......

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Cakeboard Project

Cake Boards

In recent times, with the popularity in tall cakes, our cylinders have become very popular as containers to display cakes. With this in mind we are designing.......

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Website Project

Website Upgrade

We know we have great products, but there wouldn't be much point in them if we couldn't tell people like you that they are here.

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Recent news

Ezy Aussie Prawn Peeler

The Ezy Aussie Prawn Peeler

The Ezy-Aussie prawn peeler is a wonderful utensil to have in your kitchen to help you peel prawns. To see how good it is, just take a look at Troy peeling a few on the video above, and you would …
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Responsible to the Environment

We know. It's plastic! I guess that doesn't make us the most popular business with the environmentalists. It's true!  Plastic doesn't break down like other products, and yet it still is a packaging choice which is made because of it's …
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Gold Coast games

Commonwealth Games

With the Commonwealth Games nearly upon us, we have been asked by some of our customers whether we will be open during the Games. The answer to that question is yes. Our factory in Narangba is about an hour and …
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