Shiloh Plastics Factory


Shiloh Plastics is all about manufacturering plastic packaging. Specifically, the plastic that we work with is semi-rigid.

About Shiloh Plastics!

The Shiloh Plastics factory is located in Narangba Queensland, just north of Brisbane. The products we manufacture include blister packs (clamshells), plastic boxes and cylinders. We are also able to manufacture a variety of styles of plastic trays and display items.

Most of our raw material is purchased from an Australian supplier, and all of our waste is recycled.



Humble beginnings

Shiloh Plastics opened for business in 1996 under the house of current owners, Ian and Sue Smith. Our story started when Ian saw a need for a manufacturer of slide in card blisters in their home town of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Early signs of growth

After four years, Shiloh Plastics grew to the size where an industrial shed was needed. Therefore, in 2000 the business moved to a 150 square meter shed in Kallangur, just north of Brisbane. Six months later, an additional industrial shed was required. The business remained here for a further four years.
At first the business concentrated on the custom blister packs that their customers were requiring. When it was realised though that a range of standard size blister packs could benefit small business operators, Ian and Sue began creating their own range. This came about as the need for common sizes arose.

Needing help to meet the need

In February 2002, Ian and Sue employed their first staff member in order to meet the growing demand for our products.

Further expansion

The business continued to grow. In 2005 they moved into their own new premises at their current location of 4 Ferrier Rd, Narangba.
A new area of need was soon recognised when an existing customer approached Ian about making plastic cylinders. This opened up a whole new venture. A range of plastic boxes and cylinders was added to our now large range of blister packs.

About Shiloh Plastics Today

Staff have been gradually added as the business has grown. Many have been family members and friends of family. This gives the company a great family feel. Today Shiloh Plastics operates with Matthew running the factory warehouse, overseeing the staff. Nathan looks after all sales and accounts in the office. We currently have new projects on the drawing board in this ever growing business. Watch this space for more developments.