A few weeks ago we gave our daughters and daughters in law a treat using our cookie packaging. It’s one of the perks of having a packaging company I guess. Anyway, we thought you might be interested to see how good cookies look in plastic cylinders.

The cylinders we used were the CY200100. They are 200mm high with a diameter of 100mm. Our cookies were roughly about 80mm. We put about 15 in each but probably could have added one or two. Each pack looks a little different because we have four very different girls. For our purpose, we just used what we had around the house as you can see in one of the pictures. However they look great just as they are. For sale you could easily put a sticker on the front. As you can see they make the perfect cookie packaging.

We sell our cylinders by the box quantity. The CY100200 comes in a box of 40. That means that if you are interested in purchasing these cylinders you will need to buy them in multiples of 40.

Some other sizes that you might be interested in for cookies are as follows:

Product CodeDiameterHeightBox Quantity

You will find more cylinder sizes on our cylinder page. You may find some there that are also suitable for cookie packaging. Just remember that you must order a full box quantity. That is our minimum order size.