Everyone loves our novelty boxes. So we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just added a new one to our range. This box is similar to our existing holly box. However it’s much bigger. Also it’s designed to stack. The holly trim sits flush on top of the box. We’ve tried putting some biscuits in one, but they would be perfect for a swiss roll. We think truffles would be great too so long as they’re not too delicate. You may need to stack them inside. Rum balls would be great too.

We made a loaf shaped cake in a tin about 7.75 inches by 3 inches.It was a little snug, but the box still held it quite well. There are so many ways that you could use this box to showcase your Christmas treats.

These large holly boxes come in two parts. There is an inner part that is molded into a deep tray. Your goods can easily be put in that. Then the outer layer has been specially designed so that it can be sent flat packed. You simply need to open it up and pull it up from the bottom. Two pieces of the holly motif lock together to close the box.

The base of this holly box is about 180mm x 80mm. It tapers towards the top which is about 210mm x 112mm. From top to bottom this box measures about 80mm. The minimum order quantity is 100 boxes. If you think you could use a box like this, contact us today for a price.

If you haven’t seen our full range of novelty boxes, you can see it here.