At Shiloh Plastics, we recently added large macaron packs to our range.  These packs come in two sizes and both are a little different. However, both are designed with a cavity that has a 50mm diameter. The width of the cavity is 25mm.  That means that they can hold a larger macaron than our other packs.

The first of our large macaron packs has a two piece design.  For each unit you will receive two trays. Unlike our trays to fit 45mm macarons, one tray fits into the other to enclose the macarons. Each piece has a cut out tab to help with easy opening.  This package will hold 24 macarons. The product code for this item is MACTR004.

The second large macaron pack is a clamshell.  That means that rather than having two separate pieces, the two sides are joined in the middle with a hinge. This pack will hold 12 macarons and has the product code MACT005.

If your macarons don’t have a diameter larger than 45mm, you may like to take a look at our other products. You’ll find the full range here. Plus if you think any of these items might work for you, contact us for a price list. We’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect package for your macarons.