We are excited to let you know that a price list for our new florist supplies range is now available. This includes some suggestions for single roses as well as wedding buttonholes and corsages. I have to be honest, but when I think about packaging, flowers isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But recently we were asked to make something to hold a single rose. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Many years ago we produced a rose cone for a customer looking for just that. And so we dusted off the tooling that was made back then, and the new customer was thrilled with it.

It left me thinking though, do we have any other products that might be useful for a florist? The most obvious one was cylinders for holding roses. We think that an 8cm diameter cylinder is probably about right, and we have suggested our three tallest cylinders with that diameter.  They are 30cm, 42cm and 46cm.

Buttonholes and Corsages

After watching four of our children get married, we have become well acquainted with buttonholes and corsages. We think that they would fit well into a plastic box or clamshell.  In our opinion, some of our lid and base boxes as well as our clamshells are about the right size, so we have listed those.  The process for making boxes and clamshells is completely different.  Boxes are hand glued while clamshells are moulded on a machine.  That means that boxes are slower to make and more labour intensive. You won’t be surprised that this affects the price.  If you ask us for our price list, you will see that the individual price of clamshells is much cheaper, but the quantity that you need to buy is a lot more.

Our New Florist Packaging Price List

That’s the reason why we’ve made a special price list just for you. This new florist packaging price list is designed to help you easily see which option might work best for you. It includes the price of a minimum quantity of packages as well as the individual price per unit. You will see that clamshells will cost you more, but you will get a whole lot more packages for your money.  The other thing to remember is that clamshells will stack, taking up less space.  The boxes won’t, so they will need more storage room.

Another thing to consider is that the clamshells have a hanger hole in them.  That’s because they were designed for hang-sell. If that’s a problem to you, please ask us about it.  There may be things we can do.

If you’d like a price list, please just send us an email. When you do, make sure that you ask for the Florist Supplies price list.  Otherwise you will probably be sent a complete price list.  You are welcome to our complete price list, but you will find it harder to find your way around, because there’s so much there.  The Florist Supplies price list is nice and easy to follow, and everything that we think you need is on one page.  At the same time, if you are looking for a different size, or have any questions, feel free to ask us about that as well.

Check Out Our Florists Page

Everything that you need to know apart from our pricing is on our “Florist Supplies” page, so make sure you take a look.  You will find all of our recommended products and sizing there.