Cake Boards

When we first started making cylinders, we didn’t even think about them being used for large cakes. We were actually asked to make cylinders for chocolates by an existing customer who was having trouble finding a reliable supplier.

For that reason, we didn’t even think that it might be a good idea to design them in the imperial measurements that cake makers usually use. We designed them in centimetres because that was what people were asking for.

In recent times, with the popularity in tall cakes, our cylinders have become very popular as containers to display cakes. You have to admit, cakes look fantastic in them. What we found though was that while people were able to put standard sized cake boards in our cylinders, they weren’t quite right.

That’s when we came up with the idea to make our own cake boards. It’s true they’re not plastic like all of our other products, but we are still able to cut them out on our cutting presses. They haven’t yet been added to our range, as we are currently still in the planning stages, so we’ll be posting on our website as soon as they become available.

It has never been our intention to break into the cake board market. We only want to provide a product that will properly fit in our cylinders. Therefore they will not be available without the matching cylinder purchase.

To start with, they will only available in a limited number of diameters to fit a couple of the Shiloh Plastics cylinders, as we have found these sizes to be most popular. We will be very keen to hear back from cake bakers about how they find the cake boards, and if we should be considering any other sizes.