New Wax and Candle Range

New Wax and Candle Range

From time to time we are asked if we make packaging suitable for wax or their candle products. Actually quite a few of our products are perfect to put a candle in. We also have one package that was specially made for wax melts.

With this in mind, we have put together a list for you to look at. We’ve added this list to our website for you to look through. We find cylinders the perfect choice to package a candle. Therefore our cylinder list is on the page. Of course you may have something else in mind, so we suggest that if you are looking for packaging for your candle, you take a look at our fabricated box range. There are lots to choose from. We have all of the dimensions listed as well as the carton quantity.

Wax Melt Package:

Our wax melt package is a little different to most. It was designed especially to suit our machinery. The cavities aren’t cubes like most wax melts. They still work fine though. This product is a clamshell blister pack. It will hang on a hook in the storee, and opens like a clam shell. Stapling or spot welding¬†with our spot crimper will secure it.

Minimum Order Quantities:

The minimum order quantity for boxes and cylinders is the carton quantity.

Consider Freight Costs:

Cylinders and some of our boxes don’t come flat packed. These don’t stack inside each other. Sometimes we can’t fit many products in a carton. That means that when we send them to you, the contents of the box will be mainly air.

Freight companies measures the size of the carton as well as the weight. If the size of the box is large compared to the weight, they charge according to the size of the box.

The cost will also depend on where you are. We are happy to give you a quote for freight before you order. If the quote is high, we are also happy for you to use your own freight company. Of course if you’re local you are most welcome to pick up yourself. We would love to meet you too. Just remember that your order must be paid for before you can pick it up.

Avoid Large Freight Bills:

You can avoid large freight bills when buying packaging for your candle product by choosing a flat-packed box. These are square rather than round, but may work well for you.  Your candle will still look good in them and it will be much cheaper for us to send your packaging to you.

Other Wax Packaging:

If you have a wax product that isn’t covered here, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you to see if we have something in our range that might suit your product. If we don’t we would be happy to quote on your needs. Tooling may be required for new products, and there is an extra charge for this. We can explain this to you if you would like.

Get In Touch:

We are always happy to help you find the perfect package for your wax or candle product. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email.