Macaron Trays

New Macaron Tray Range

We are happy to announce that we have added macaron trays to our range. Macarons are becoming quite popular, and so this is a great addition. We’ve had a clamshell for a while that holds 12 macarons, but we decided to increase our range with these new products.

Different Sizes

Our new macaron trays come in three sizes. The largest tray fits 24 macarons. Then there is one for 12 macarons and one for 6.  They all hold a standard size macaron with a diameter of up to 45mm and a depth of 25mm. You can enclose the macarons by putting two trays together. One becomes a lid and the other a base.

Macaron Boxes

If you’d prefer to have your macarons in a box, we have also made a clear lid and base box to go with them.  These are made to be used in conjunction with a tray that holds the macarons firmly in place.  You can buy the tray and the box as a set.

50mm Macaron Packaging

However, if your macarons are a little bigger than 45mm, our existing packaging will still work for you.  This was designed for 50mm macarons.  We have a two part tray that holds 24 macarons as well as a clamshell that holds 12.

Check out our macaron packaging range here where all of our sizes are listed.  You won’t find our pricing here, but if you’d like a price list, please send us an email asking for one.  Make sure you ask for the one for macaron packaging.  Otherwise we’ll send you a complete price list.  You are welcome to this one, but you’ll have to scroll through to find what you’re looking for.